Losing Our Minds:

Why the Biblical Worldview Is the Forgotten Ally In Battling Today's Mental Health Crisis

Great For:

Moms Raising Children

Women's Ministry or Small Group Leaders

Youth Ministry or Small Group Leaders

Christian Teachers Employed by Public Schools

Christians interested in maximizing their Kingdom impact


How the Science & Faith Conflict Needlessly Drives People Away From Their Faith

Great For:

Middle & High School Kids Who Love Science

Youth Ministry Events

Youth Group Leaders

Christians In Medical Workplaces

Christians Interested in Reaching Atheist or Science-Minded Friends & Family Members 

Error Ridden Copies:

Why We Can Trust the Timeless Truths of the Bible Even Today

Great For:

New Christians Getting Started With Bible Study

Bible Study Teachers & Small Group Leaders

Christians Who Are Deconstructing Their Faith & the Faithful Christians Trying to Reach Them

Anyone Who Is Struggling to Stay Faithful To Scripture in the Digital Age

Feeding Yourself the Truth:

Resisting Culture's Influence Through Your Personal Daily Discipleship

Great For:

High School and College Students who want to be faithful to Christ on their campuses.

Moms who want to raise children whose faith survives secular school environments

Anyone who wants to remain faithful to Christ in today's faithless world.

Let's Grow Spiritually Together!

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