On this page you'll find printable downloads to help you nourish your soul on the changeless truth of Christ in a rapidly changing world.

Hey Soul-Sister! 

Join my Soul Squad and nourish your soul, so you can flourish your life.

Daily Devo Checklist 

This is a list of the major elements of your Daily Devotional with God, in a pretty checklist for you to print and keep tucked away in your Bible or journal.

I'm Ready! GO!

Confessions & Declarations

Simple list of definitions to use when making confessions and declarations during your quiet time in pdf format.

I Totally Need This!

Prayer Request Worksheet

My signature method of organizing prayer requests, with instructions, worksheet and a printable weekly prayer request list.

Where Has This Been All My Life?

Bible Study Notes and Worksheet

Is your daily Bible Study method aimed at producing at least ONE ACT of obedience? It should be! My worksheet will help you.

Send It My Way!