3-Step Roadmap  For Your Quiet Time

Do you have a plan for your quiet time each day? If you don't, you're most likely going to waste time trying to figure out:

  • What Scriptures to read 
  • How best to study them
  • How to apply God's Word in your life optimally

This video will give you a plan....

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6 Bible-Reading Plan Ideas 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start reading the Bible? This video will give you 6 good ideas for finding a Bible Reading Plan.

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"Great video here ! Thankyou so much for being a vessel of the Lord.  Amazing."


~ YouTube Audience Member

Study the Bible With Me - Jeremiah 17:9

This video demonstrates for you my 4-Step Bible Study framework that I use in my own devotional life and in every Prayer Journaling/ Bible Study Workshop I lead. 

What you'll find in this verse is wisdom & grace to stop beating yourself up for your mistakes and failures.

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