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I've been speaking at Women's Ministry Retreats and Ladies Luncheons, as well as leading Prayer Journaling Workshops since 2005. 

But in 2014, I rolled up my sleeves and went back to school so I could teach you how to develop a CONFIDENT faith for life in this CHAOTIC world.

D I D   Y O U   K N O W   T H A T:

* Kids in Generation Z are twice as likely to identify themselves as atheists, compared to people in the adult population?

* The number of adults who used to consider themselves Christians but no longer do, is a reality that is increasing at record rates?

* Biblical Illiteracy is a rising problem even inside the church?

Jesus taught that God's Word was to be our spiritual food and that we are to be sanctified in His Truth. But many believers still struggle to:

* Read and understand the Bible

* Engage in regular prayer

* Develop a robust Biblical worldview

Even fewer believers have the skills to articulate their Christian faith in today's spiritually hostile environment.

I'd love to:

* Help you become a more confident, intentional disciple of Christ

* Speak at your church event

* Just hear from you!


Feel Free to email me at [email protected]


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