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Finding Your Place

      A Podcast

How can your average, everyday Jesus-following woman maximize her life for the Kingdom of God in the 21st Century?

Using the Tower of Babel Story, Lori will help you see that there is really nothing new under the sun! Todays secularism flows from ideas found in Ancient Babel.

This unique podcast will help you understand the times by:

  • Illuminating the spiritual roots of collectivism & Marxism
  • Awakening the need for a renewed Biblical Worldview
  • Helping you see yourself as an agent of Revival
  • Determining specific ways you can get involved in your community

so you can Grow Your Faith, Find Your Voice, & Maximize Your Impact!

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- Andrea

"You'll love this podcast. In just twenty minutes, Lori reveals the heart of what's impacting our church and how we can be a force for God in our culture. She shares insights, Biblical knowledge, and has a command for what's happening in society, all making this a must listen for Christians today."

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