Learn How to Rescue Someone's Faith In 30 Minutes or Less.

Stop being frustrated & intimidated by the science & faith conflict!

Instead, tackle the Evolution Question once and for all.

What You Need To Know:

This is a 25-minute video presentation originally given to a local youth group.

  • You'll get downloads for taking notes.
  • The follow-up resources are crazy helpful. And inspiring.
  • You don't have to be a science nerd to understand the facts presented.
What Are Others Saying About It?



Stop scrambling for answers. 

Learn how two top Christian scholars investigated evolution and found it lacking.

  • How does 'coincidence' point toward design?
  • Can a the information in your DNA come from a mechanical process?
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Grow A More Confident Faith 

Become the one who can face faith challenges with confidence & clarity.

  • The ONE THING I wish I'd said differently that you need to know
  • Action steps for growing in your purpose
I've Seen Enough! Let's Do This!

What customers are saying...

"Lori, you did such a good job on this topic...Thank you for creating a path to a greater understanding and a stronger faith."

- Julie


“ This is a powerful lesson on LIFE! Our lives matter. Our youth (and older) need to hear this...Thank you for this loving, powerful message.

- Yolanda

"Thank you, Lori. This was a great lesson. I hope it is viewed many times around the world. I really learned alot and would like to learn even more."

- Deanna


Learn How To Tackle the Evolution Question.

You don't have to be intimidated by the questions about science and faith, Anymore!

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