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Do you struggle with consistency in your daily walk with God?

I know what that's like. You manage a day here and there, but your best efforts fall flat and you can't seem to make your DAILY quiet time happen daily.

You need the RIGHT KIND of motiavtion:

What if you understood that every day you skip your quiet time, you forfeit an opportunity for ETERNAL reward?

What if you understood that EVERY decision you make today shows up in ETERNITY?

And what if your daily quiet time came to you while you learn?

What's Included:

* 7-Days of short devotional videos

* Printable downloads for filling out and taking notes

* Teaching on the Doctrine of Reward

* Brief studies on the Parable of the Talents and Minas

* A daily email letting you know that you've got new content to watch!

Bibles and Journals and Pens -- OH MY!

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