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12 Faith-Based Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

Do you get irritated with your neighbors who get all their Christmas lights up by September? How about your super-organized friend who orders and wraps all her Christmas gifts before Halloween? 

That's not really my style, either, but this year has been exhausting for most of us, and so I...

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My Favorite STUDY BIBLES - 5 Recommendations For You

A Study Bible contains more than just the books of the Bible. It also contains tools which will help you study God's Word more effectively and easily.

Here are my 5 Recommendations for STUDY BIBLES to help you grow with God in 2021.


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8 Real World Applications of the Moses and the Burning Bush Story

Moses and The Burning Bush

Recently, a friend sent me a clip of Matthew McConaughey's interview with Joe Rogan. He was discussing the obvious implications of some Bible Stories over others. He candidly stated that he didn't know exactly what to do with the epic story of Moses encountering the...

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