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When Is the Best Time for My Quiet Time With God?

Building A Relationship With God

Welcome to our next video in our January NEW DIRECTIONS series! As we seek to build a relationship with God, we not only need to carve out a regular place for our time with God, we should also create a regular time.

Do you remember having a regular coffee date with your boyfriend, who later became your husband? Or maybe you have a regularly scheduled staff meeting which allows you to build your calendar around it?

Either way, establishing a regular appointment is a helpful way of spending time with God. So, how do we determine the best time to spend time with God every day?

This video gives you 4 good options for fitting your Daily Devotional into your life ...

Are you frustrated by the influence of todays secular society? Do you wish you were more comfortable sharing your faith?

I'm convinced that it has simply never been more important to know what you believe and why you believe it. Today's political and social environment is growing increasingly more hostile to matters of faith. 

So, I teach women of Christ who are frustrated and intimidated by the relentless influence of an increasingly secular society how to :

* Walk closely with God in an increasingly godless world

* Find answers to the questions you are too shy to ask in church

* Raise kids whose faith outlasts the scary statistics

* Develop your Christian Confidence so you can have effective, relaxed conversations with those who struggle with this whole Jesus thing.

This is no simple task! It requires building a faith that's fit for the 21st Century!

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