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12 Faith-Based Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

Do you get irritated with your neighbors who get all their Christmas lights up by September? How about your super-organized friend who orders and wraps all her Christmas gifts before Halloween? 

That's not really my style, either, but this year has been exhausting for most of us, and so I thought maybe a blogpost  full of potential goodies for Christmas might be a good start to the gift-giving season. (BTW, I don't have affiliate relationships with these products or companies listed...)

I just thought you might find them helpful. So here are my favorite suggestions for Faith-Based Gift Giving This Year:

Best Daily Devotional:

New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp. I can't remember who suggested this one to me, but it is really insightful and helpful.

Best Study Bible: 

Well, it's a tie. I'd have to choose between these two, and if you choose to give either of them to someone who's looking for a new Bible, you can't go wrong.

Best Christian Books for Understanding the Times We Live In:

Another Gospel? by Alisa Childers - Really helpful in combatting the Deconstruction Movement, and how to develop a more informed faith.

The Magna Carta of Humanity, by Os Guiness. This one knocked my socks off! It's an incredibly urgent call to be a voice for the Christian Worldview (& Covenant thinking) before it's too late.

Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth, by Dr. Thaddeus Williams. This one takes a look at the Social Justice Movement from a deeply theological perspective and explains how its ideas are ultimately incompatible with Christianity.

Fault Lines, by Dr. Voddie Baucham -- It also confronts the Social Justice Movement, but it's approach is both Christian and data-driven.

The 10 Commandments of Progressive Christianity, by Dr. Michael J. Kruger. This is a short and simple debunking of the primary tenets of Progressive Christianity and why they're inconsistent with Biblical Christianity. 

Hope Always, by Dr. Matthew Sleeth. Wow. This one is eye-opening, for sure! Dr. Sleeth is an atheist-turned-Christian Emergency Room doctor, who investigated the suicide epidemic raging in our country for the last several years. His diagnosis -- we need more openness toward faith.

Best Spiritual Growth Books:

Renovation of the Heart, by Dr. Dallas Willard. I got started reading (& re-reading) this signature work of Willard's a couple of years ago. I now read it every January when the year begins again, and I make another trip through it during my birthday month (July) so that I get two doses of his wisdom throughout the year.

True Spirituality, by Dr. Frances Schaeffer. If you've never read Schaeffer, this is a great place to start. His conclusion is ultimately the same as Willard's but his approach is much more analytical and urgent.

What's Best Next, by Matthew Perman. This is a Gospel-driven view of productivity and organization so that you live for the good of the world and the Glory of God.

BONUS! -- Best Productivity Planners

Cultivate What Matters. This is a holistic planning system which gets you to reset your goals and habits by thinking through to what really matters, and then setting step-by-step objectives for meeting or "cultivating"  them. Plus, the creator is a Christian, so she weaves Scripture in and out of the process. There is a LIVE WORKSHOP  Dec 6, so go check that out!!!

 I hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving, and a wonderful kickoff to your gift-giving season!

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