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I'm positively jumping for joy that you're here on my site. These folks are my family, and they make me very happy.


Read My Statement of Faith Below!


God is the creator and ruler of the universe and all that is within it. He exists eternally as one God, although in three distinct, but co-equal persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Man is the pinnacle of God's creation, made in His Image for the purpose of being in relationship to God, as well as a representative of God.


Sin is any action which is out of step with God's holy, righteous and just character. Shortly after creation, humankind willfully chose sin, causing all people to live estranged from God yet responsible to Him.


Because of the effects of Adam's decision, it is impossible for any human to live in a way which avoids the commission of, and penalty for, sin. This places all people under God's wrath and in need of a spiritual rescue called salvation.


Jesus is the second person of the Trinity -- fully God, and fully man. His dual nature allows Him to live in full obedience to God's righteous requirements and yet His humanity allows Him to pay the penalty for sin in our stead. Salvation comes only when someone enters into covenant relationship to Christ through placing their faith in Him and His atoning work.


God reveals Himself to His creation through the plenary, divinely inspired, infallible, and inerrant word of God called the Bible. The Bible is crucial in following & maturing in one's faith in Christ.

Helping Women Live Their Faith With Confidence & Courage Is My Favorite Thing To Do.

In 2018, after spending about 10 years teaching Bible Study and Prayer Workshops, I graduated from Biola University with a Master's in Christian Apologetics, and started my blog and YouTube channel to help equip women to develop a confident Biblical Worldview.