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One True Religion?

It really doesn't matter much what you believe, because all religions teach the same things, Right?

This 30-minute video presentation will help you understand :

  • Why religions seem the same
  • What makes Christianity different
  • Why it makes Christianity different
  • And why our unique story is uniquely TRUE.
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Error Ridden Copies

How would you answer this question: "Why do you continue to believe the Bible when it's been copied and changed so many times over the years???"

I'm guessing that's a question you never thought to ask ... Or answer! You don't have to get stuck just scratching your head. Be the person who can explain why the Bible is reliable in an unbiblical age.

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Design! Not Darwin...

Does science really prove that God is a myth? Is evolution really responsible for your life?


In this short, 25-minute video presentation, you'll learn how to:

  • tackle the evolution/creation question once and for all, 
  • rescue those who are struggling in their faith, &
  • stop being frustrated and intimidated by the science and faith conflict.

YOU can become the reason someone keeps their faith.

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Forever Changes Everything

We will all give an account for our lives. Most of us know that. But did you know that the reward THEN, is directly related to how you live NOW?

This unique 7-Day class covering 1 Corinthians 3:10-15 will be delivered to your inbox daily for 7 days, and will show you why your daily discipleship matters forever.

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Course Bundles:

God-Confidence Toolbox

Bundle #1

This 3-part Course Bundle helps you answer questions like these:

  • How do I respond to questions about evolution?
  • How can I help someone trust what the Bible has to say?
  • How do I explain that Christianity is the One True religion?
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"Wow. You really helped our daughter who was struggling in her faith."


- Parents of an Audience Member

Become A Resource of Rescue!

Sweet Friend, the world so desperately needs God's people to live out & speak about the goodness and existence of God

My Journals, Courses, and Coaching Sessions are designed to help you deepen your faith by learning to defend it so you can become a resource of rescue for someone struggling in their faith.