Hi! My name is Lori.

I spend my time persuading everyday Christian women to challenge popular cultural assumptions with the Truth of the Christian Worldview in order to escape the grasp of despair, frustration, intimidation & self-destruction which accompany secular ideas.

I'm so glad you're here!

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You Can Crush the Evolution vs. Creation Question With This 30-Minute Masterclass!

Science & Faith appear to be locked in a battle which causes many to abandon their faith. DESIGN, NOT DARWIN is a short & sweet class to learn how to come to the rescue of someone whose faith is on the line.

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Parents of an Audience Member

Wow. You really helped our daughter who was struggling in her faith.


This is a powerful lesson on LIFE! Our youth need to hear this. Thank you for this loving, powerful message.


You did such a great job! Thank you for creating a path that leads to a greater understanding and a stronger faith. 

You've Just Been Told That The Bible Can't Be Trusted Because It's Been Copied So Many Times. What Do You Say Next?

Copy edits. Tweaks. Changes. Over and over and over. No one really knows what the original Bible actually said, because it's been copied and changed so many times, right? This quick mini-course called ERROR RIDDEN COPIES will give you the tools to set the record straight.

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Hi, I'm Lori!

I was raised in a Christian home but still managed to have a faith crisis of my own. Jesus wooed me back to Himself, and so I'm a big fan of helping others find a personal and powerful faith in Him. It breaks my heart to see others give up their faith without a fair fight! So, I'm determined to teach women of faith why Christianity is true, so that they can help their friends & family walk closely with God, even in this godless world.

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