Hi! My name is Lori...

...and I help Jesus loving women live out (& speak about!) their Christian convictions with confidence and courage, so they no longer have to feel frustrated or intimidated by the influence of our increasingly secular society.

 Would you like to learn why its so much harder for the Next Generation to find their faith in Christ?


Yes, I want to know why!

Are you tired of feeling "stumped" by unexpected questions and wish you could have easier faith conversations?


Yes, teach me how!

Are you a spiritual seeker (or a searching Christian) who wants to understand the reasons behind why Christianity is true?


Yes, give me reasons!

Hi, I'm Lori!

I was raised in a Christian home but still managed to have a faith crisis of my own. Jesus wooed me back to Himself, and so I'm a big fan of helping others find a personal and powerful faith in Him. It breaks my heart to see others give up their faith without a fair fight! So, I'm determined to teach women of faith why Christianity is true, so that they can help their friends & family walk closely with God, even in this godless world.

Yes, Help Me Build a 21st Century Faith!